Diogo dos Santos | 22 | College Student | Coimbra | Portugal
Music Lover, Surfer, Skateboarder, Beach Boy, Sports Addicted
This blog was created to talk about me, by publishing songs that have something to due with me and my life. But also to give opinions related with music, festivals line-ups and also images of me/taken by me of my day-to-day.
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  • Artist: Eminem
  • TrackName: Like Toy Soldiers
  • Album: Encore

'fore I let it go any further
But don’t get it twisted
it’s not a plea that I’m coppin’
I’m just willin’ to be the bigger man

  • Artist: Our Last Night
  • TrackName: Dark Horse
  • Album: Cover


  • Artist: John Mayer
  • TrackName: Neon (Live In LA)
  • Album: Room For Squares

She comes and goes and comes and goes
Like no one can
She comes and goes and no one knows
She’s slipping through my hands

  • Artist: Skrillex ft. Chance The Rapper
  • TrackName: Coast Is Clear
  • Album: Recess

What are the odds we’d even meet?
What does it mean? It’s meant to be
Why hug a wall? Why hold a seat?
Not for nothin’ but it ain’t nothin’ for us to dip out this club right now

  • Artist: U2
  • TrackName: Elevation
  • Album: All That You Can't Leave Behind

Love, lift me out of these blues
Won’t you tell me something true
I believe in you

  • Artist: Capital Cities
  • TrackName: Kangaroo Court
  • Album: In A Tidal Wave Of Mystery

Got my ballup shoes and every excuse
To dance these blues away
Ain’t coming home
I ain’t coming home

  • Artist: Jimi Hendrix
  • TrackName: Hey Joe (Live)
  • Album: The Jimi Hendrix Experience

I’m goin’ way down south
Way down where I can be free
Ain’t no one gonna find me baby

  • Artist: Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller
  • TrackName: The Way
  • Album: Yours Truly

Come and watch a movie with me
"American Beauty" or "Bruce Almighty" that’s groovy
Just come and move closer to me

  • Artist: Daft Punk
  • TrackName: Technologic
  • Album: Human After All

Surf it, scroll it, pause it, click it,
Cross it, crack it, switch - update it

  • Artist: D12
  • TrackName: My Band
  • Album: D12 World

[10 Years Celebration]

  • Artist: Joywave
  • TrackName: Tongues (RAC Remix)


  • Artist: Lowell
  • TrackName: Palm Trees
  • Album: FIFA 15 Soundtrack

Looking at the window
I can’t find something to realize
Waiting for a message for me

  • Artist: Adham Shaikh
  • TrackName: Water Prayer (Matt the Alien Remix)
  • Album: Orphan Black Soundtrack

[Orphan Black Soundtrack]

  • Artist: Grabbitz
  • TrackName: Here With You Now

See your face in the crowd
But you don’t seem so far away
Anything between us is empty space

  • Artist: tUnE-yArDs
  • TrackName: Water Fountain
  • Album: Nikki Nack

Nothing feels like dying
Like the drying of my skin and lawn
Why do we just sit here
While they watch us wither til we’re gone?